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Upcoming 2014-15 Season

Posted on 9.11.2014 

Info session/open practices 9/24 & 9/25 meeting at 9pm in the DAC Media Room! Topics include tryouts and the upcoming season!

2014 City Six Tournament

Posted on 9.8.2014 

Drexel University Roller Hockey Club will proudly be hosting the 2014 City Six Roller Hockey Tournament at Feasterville Sportsplex September 19th - 21st! The City Six typically consists of Drexel University, Temple University, University of Pennsylvania, Saint Joe’s University, Villanova University, and LaSalle University; though due to LaSalle’s lack of a roller hockey team, we are happy to introduce West Chester University as our sixth collegiate competitor. The Philadelphia City Six pits the six local “inner” and “outer” city colleges against each other for the title of City Champion! “We are very excited about the direction the DURHC is heading in. Here our club will compete with Upenn, Villanova, St. Joes, Widener, and Temple for the right to be Philly's best Roller Hockey team!  This tournament is designed to showcase Drexel University's own roller hockey club by rostering a team that combines players from all of our teams.  It is our hope that this tournament becomes a keystone event for the city and comes to mark the rebirth of club level hockey throughout the region.” PCRHL head coach Dane Ward said about the tournament. This will be the premier roller hockey tournament to be part of the City 6 Series. 


Friday, September 19th

10pm - Game #1 - Temple v. UPenn

11pm - Game #2 - WCU v. 'Nova


Saturday, September 20th

7pm - Game #3 - SJU v. 'Nova

8pm - Game #4 - Drexel v. Temple

9pm - Game #5 - SJU v. WCU

10pm - Game #6 - Upenn v Drexel


Sunday, September 21st:

2pm - Game #7: Consolation Game - (#2 Inner v. #2 Outer) 

3pm - Game #8: Championship Game - (#1 Inner v. #1 Outer) 


Info Session

Posted on 7.1.2014 

Our annual player info sessions will be held on Wednesday and Thursday, September 24 and 25th at 9pm in the Media Room. We will be covering dues, jersey costs, filling out necessary paperwork and discussing the upcoming season. This event is mandatory though it should be brief.

When: Wednesday, September 24 @ 9pm
Thursday, September 25 @ 9pm

Where: Media Room in the DAC

Drylands 2014

Posted on 7.1.2014 

Prospective players be sure to check out our dryland exercise schedule! Do what you can to make it out to these! It'll be worth your time especially when it comes time for tryouts in September!

Results from DURHC 2014 Awards Ceremony

Posted on 5.1.2014 

Club-Wide Awards Results

  • Shay Marlin Rookie of the Year Award – Ray Rindone
  • Bill Sherwood “Why the Hell Haven’t You Graduated Yet?” Award – Stephen Bryant
  • Scott Oskin Attendance Award – Luke Kwiecinski
  • Award for Most Improved Player – John Tangradi
  • Mike Galloway Award for Most Valuable Player – Adrian Orio
  • Rick Luzietti Award for Service and Dedication – Zak Harrison
  • John Osborne Award for Most Enthusiasm and Energy – Alex Valiga
  • Can't Skate to Save Your Life Award – Chris Heydt
  • Best Chirp – “You Have Your Mother’s Hair” – Steve Utain
  • Hurt Back Award (Carrying the Team) – Dave Gatter 

League Awards

  • Most Points ECRHA – Brian DiPaolo (17 Pts)
  • Most Points PCRHL TI – Corey Demarco (25 Pts)
  • Most Points PCRHL TII – Stephen Bryant (16 Pts)
  • Leadership Award for On and Off Rink Conduct ECRHA – Jeff Kelley
  • Leadership Award for On and Off Rink Conduct PCRHL TI – Zak Harrison
  • Leadership Award for On and Off Rink Conduct PCRHL TII – Kris Linares
  • Most Penalty Minutes ECRHA – Jeff Kelley (50 PIM)
  • Most Penalty Minutes PCRHL TI – Ray Rindone 
  • Most Penalty Minutes PCRHL TII – Alex Valiga (31 PIM)
  • Best Defenseman ECRHA – Tim Lopez
  • Best Defenseman PCRHL TI – Zak Harrison
  • Best Defenseman PCRHL TII – Dylan Jervis